Tuesday, February 17, 2009


funny how everything needs time and space to be fully appreciated. this has been the underlying theme of my thoughts lately and i've found it to be true, and a necessary fundamental to look through when i'm on edge. we live in a culture where pleasure can be microwaved and ready to eat in 2 minutes... in contrast to a time where hours were spent in physical labor to plant and cultivate seeds within a community, and then after months of the weather working hand and hand with time, the harvest comes, food is picked washed and cooked. I think the communities gathered around kitchen tables for those meals experienced a lot more enjoyment in their food over my microwaved popcorn.
food is just a tiny metaphor for what i'm getting at. i think as humans/more like westerners... our minds are trained to want immediacy. i think that is dangerous. we loose our joy this way. we become empty with out the effort filled time that shapes us into beings that are able to appreciate things when they are ready.
so i'm going to try to not be afraid of time and space. to wait and embrace just who i am and who everyone else is around me at this point. to live and appreciate now fully. and to take the time to love this. soak it in.

<3 laine.