Friday, December 5, 2008


people are so amazing. i am fascinated by the life of the individual. i love when i am so intrigued by a person that i can just get lost in them for a while. try to find out why they act the way they do. what typically makes them have good days. a smile. the weather. a good song. a good ride. a good run. a good read. a joke. a good grade. and then find out why those elements rubbing against that person makes them react well. what experience in their past molded them to feel that way. and then maybe by listening for the unspoken secrets like these i can learn how to make their bad days better days.
everything comes down to roots doesn't it? but even some things are unexplainable and a complete mystery. and i. love. it. there is something so infinite inside of us. someone who handles situations completely different than i do is naturally the most intriguing thing. i want to learn what makes them them. because they are not me. and suddenly the world is a lot bigger than myself and i feel so small again.

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katie said...

ooo laine i love this post & your beautiful thoughts!